Ecological and economical slag processing solutions. Zero remaining waste. Helps to reduce Co2 emission by 100% recycling.

ECOFER is a Finnish circular economy company, supplying ecological and economical solutions for global iron & steel industry with particular focus on slag processing.

ECOFER with partner has developed an unprecedented fine fraction crushing technology that deactivates active free lime from slag sand. In this way, the slag sand can be recycled and reused to replace the cement clinker used in cement production.

Recycling high purity Fe metals (+80%) recovered from steel slag (SMS) back to steel production reduce CO2 emissions by 1/1 tonnage.

Ecofer Technologies Finland Oy Ltd
Keilaranta 1, Espoo, Finland

**ECOFER is a registered trademark of Finnish company Ecofer Technologies Oy Ltd. Company also owns all product rights of ECOFER equipment and processes.