ECOSAND is a product that comes from ECOFER slag processing process. It is a unique ecological product which binds carbon dioxide from the air. 

Cement clinker

Cement clinker is produced by burning lime. This results in huge CO2 emissions. ECOSAND can be used in concrete production replacing part of cement. Recycling ECOSAND to replace part of cement, achieves 500 kg CO2 reduction per tonne. Economical impact is also huge. Cement FOB price is around 70-80 USD/ton.

How ECOSAND is generated

Ecofer has developed with it’s partner an unprecedented fine fraction crushing technology, combined with special treatment, deactivates active free lime from slag sand. In ECOFER process, the FeM is liberated from the lime and lime is crushed in to fractions of < 50 micron.

Case study

The slag of each steel mill is carefully studied and analyzed to find the best solution for neutralizing free lime.

The right recipe for use as additive in concrete production is designed with concrete laboratories by casting blocks. The blocks are mechanically and physically tested and compared with blocks made of Portland cement and sand.

Case China

China, for example, produces around 160 million tonnes of steel slag as a by-product of steel production, which could be recycled as a whole to cement production. In this way, China would reduce its CO 2 emissions from cement production by 80 million tonnes annually.

Total solution

By ECOFER slag processing solution, China could reach totally reduction in CO2 emissions of 160 million tons annually.