NEWS December 2018 ECOFER:

New high-speed centrifugal crusher breaks materials to the most optimal fraction for reaching complete recovery of the valuable elements 

Ecofer has made first delivery contracts for selling high-speed centrifugal crushers to Chinese steel mills. Manufacturing has begun in September and the first deliveries will be scheduled in January 2019. Installation and commissioning will take place in March 2019.

High-speed centrifugal crusher has been developed to crush and grind slags and ashes from steel production, rock and ore from the mining industry, and other solid materials in order to distinguish valuable elements.

Economical benefits compering to traditional ball and bar mill are unprecedented. Processing capacity from 70tph up to 500tph. Operating cost from 0,20EUR/ton up to 0,50EUR/ton depending on the size and hardness of the material.

High-speed centrifugal mill does not only break the feed material in small size, it breaks it to the most optimal fraction for reaching the complete recovery of the valuable elements such as FeO, Fe, V, Ti, Zr, Cr, Ni etc.